Fall Crowdfunding Is Now Open

Dear Cal Lights community,

We are once again asking for your financial support. Our crowdfunding opens on Oct. 1st. We want to keep giving our athletes the amazing experience of becoming a part of a team and pushing themselves to accomplish great things! This cannot be done without your support.

To assist in accomplishing/reaching our goals this year, we are raising $5000 to cover the cost of boat repairs, spare parts, and laying the groundwork for building a sustainable and winning program. All other donations will be used to finance the team’s transition back onto the water, as we have been off the water since March 2020.

Use the following link to DONATE NOW, and share our fundraising for the Cal Lights with your colleagues, fellow alumni, or other parent bears. Go Bears!


For donations of $50 or more, you’ll receive a personalized shoutout on our Instagram story!

For donations of $100 or more, you’ll receive official Cal Lightweight Rowing stickers and a personalized thank you note – handwritten and signed by one of our members. This includes a social media shoutout as well!

For any questions, please contact: callightweightrowing@gmail.com