Incoming Freshmen

If you are a current high school senior with prior rowing experience and have already applied to the College of Letters and Science, please fill out this form to be considered for a Special Talent Recommendation from our head coach:

*Note: Please do not fill this out if you’re a current student at Cal. For current students, please refer to this page.

Also, the time frame for our coach to write letters is between January to the end of February every year, so it is recommended you fill this form out in addition to contacting our coach via email if you want to receive a letter of recommendation.

Every year, the coaching staff writes letters of support for a few select candidates who meet or exceed our 2k requirement, who have good race results, and who have good grades and extracurriculars. This does not guarantee admission, but it can be of significant help to you especially at a school like Cal where admissions are highly competitive. If you would like to be considered for a Letter of Support, please contact Coach Khoua at and be sure to include your 2k PR, height, weight, grades/GPA, and race results. Priority will be given to athletes whose first choice school is Cal.